10 Essential Computer Tips and Tricks You Must Know

10 Essential computer tips and tricks

Hello guys, welcome back to our blog and a new episode in today’s article, we’re going to give away 10 essential Computer Tips that every Windows user should know doesn’t matter.

If you use your computer for one hour a week or sit in front of the screen for six or seven hours a day while replying to endless emails these computer tips and tricks will save your precious time and make your work a lot easier but before starting with these tips if you’re new to the blog make sure to subscribe as well so without wasting any more time. You can also Learn About Blogging And Earn Money Online Tips.

10 Essential Computer Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Let’s quickly start

#1: Trick One Fast Program Switching

If you have multiple applications running on your PC, you can press Alt + Tab to quickly switch between them. This keyboard shortcut will help you instantly switch back and forth between multiple programs.

Trick One Fast Program Switching

Without having to touch the mouse at all, you can even switch between apps backward by pressing Alt +Shift + Tab this is a great keyboard shortcut for people who open multiple windows while working on their PC.

10 Computer Tips & Tricks You Must Know 2

#2: Two-key Lock Screen

If you are someone who’s extremely concerned about their privacy and don’t want others to browse your computer without your permission, this next keyboard shortcut will be extremely useful. You can simply press a Windows + L on your keyboard simultaneously and this will lock your screen temporarily to log back in again.

Two-key Lock Screen

You’ll have to use your windows password to access your system, this is a great trick that wants to take a few minutes break at work and don’t want others to browse through their PC.

#3: Quickly Close the Page

Now, this next trick will be extremely useful for users who work on Google Chrome or other web browsers more often basically if you’ve opened multiple web pages in your browser and you want to close them one by one, you can do this.

By pressing Ctrl + W this key combination will immediately close the current web page. You won’t have to do it by tapping the close button manually.

Quickly Close the Page

#4: Restore the Closed Page

Now, whilst using the previous shortcut. If you accidentally ended up closing an important web page in Google Chrome you can restore it with this next keyboard combination just press Ctrl + Shift + T on your keyboard and this will relaunch for last close tab instantly you can even restore multiple tabs one by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T repeatedly and in case your PC crashes or you accidentally close the Google Chrome application this key combination will help you restore all the tabs you had opened earlier.

Restore the Closed Page

#5: Open the Desktop Quickly

Let’s say you have opened multiple applications on your PC and instantly want to go to the desktop now instead of minimizing each window one by one you can simply press Windows + D to directly jump to the desktop another way to quickly go to the desktop is to click the bottom right corner of your screen it’s one of the most useful computer tips that’ll save you a lot of time and speed up your entire working process.

Open the Desktop Quickly.

#6: Open File Management

In seconds if you’ve been working on a Windows PC for several years you already know that File Explorer is the most frequently opened window on a computer the traditional way to open File Explorer is either to press its shortcut button in the taskbar or to launch it from the start menu but an easy keyboard shortcut that many people don’t know open file explorer is pressing the Windows + E keys simultaneously this key combination will instantly launch file explorer without a touch of the mouse at all.

Open File Management

#7: Enlarge File Picture

the next trick will be useful for almost anyone who works on a Windows computer daily. If you’ve opened an image and want to enlarge it you can press Ctrl + Plus, this will increase the size of the image by one percent and you’ll be able to see even the smallest pixels more clearly and if you want to reduce the size of an image you can press the Ctrl + – (minus) keys simultaneously.

Enlarge File Picture

#8: Multi-Page Tab Switching.

Multi-page tab switching is a feature that will allow you to switch between different tabs within the same window for example if you’ve opened multiple tabs in the Google Chrome window, you can press Ctrl +Tab to switch between them. This keyboard shortcut works by moving to the next tab. You can also go to the previous tab in the list by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

Multi-Page Tab Switching

#9: Recover Accidentally Deleted Text

While typing in Google Docs in Microsoft Word we all make the common mistake of accidentally deleting either a word or a few lines however what if you want to restore the deleted text, in that case, all you have to do is press the Ctrl + Z on your keyboard. This is a cool computer tip that will help you undo your recent action.

Recover Accidentally Deleted Text

#10: Screen Recording

The final tip of this video is for everyone who uses the screen recording feature on Windows 10 more often while the traditional way of starting the Screen Record feature is quite convenient it’s not practical in many cases let’s say you’re in the middle of a pub g match you want to record the moment in this case instead of minimizing the window just press Windows + Alt + R and this will automatically start Screen Recording without interrupting your gameplay so that concludes.

Screen Recording

Our list of the top 10 tips and tricks that you can use in your daily life whilst working on a Windows PC of course these aren’t the only windows tricks a user should know but for now, they’ll be more than enough to streamline your entire working process if you’d like to see more post like this one don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and if you know of any computer tips you can share them in the comment section down below I’ll see you guys next time.

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