Top 3 Different Ways to Rotate a Video 2021

Hi, Everyone! This article will detail Top 3 different ways to rotate a video 2021.

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3 Different Ways to Rotate a Video

Top 3 Different Ways to Rotate a Video 2021

Let’s get started!

Method 1. Rotate Video via MiniTool MovieMaker.

Launch MiniTool Movie Maker on your PC Click the Import Media Files button to import the video you want to rotate.

how to rotate mp4 video


Now, click the plus icon to add it to the timeline Right-click on the video clip.

best video rotator


Now, select Edit Click the Flip Vertical icon to adjust your video orientation and press the OK button to save the change.

how to rotate mp4 video

Click Export to open the export window Specify the destination folder for the rotated video pick a suitable video quality as you like.

Click the Export button to save it and hit Find Target to locate the rotated video. (Download MiniTool MovieMaker)

how to rotate video

Guys، this was our first method, how can you rotate the video through MiniTool Movie Maker.


Method 2. Rotate Video via VLC Media Player.

Run VLC Media Player on your computer, go to Media, and click Open File to import your video.

Click on the Tools tab, and then select >> Effects and Filters Select the >> Video Effects option from the pop-up window.

Click the Geometry option, tick the Transform box, and then select Rotate by 180 degrees Click Save, followed by Close.

how to rotate video in vlc

Go to the Tools tab and select Preferences, click on All, expand Sout Stresm under the Stream output option, and then select Transcode.

Tick the Video Transformation filter option and click the Save button.

vlc rotate video


So, now go to select the Media tab and choose Convert/Save.

free video rotator

Now click on the Add… to add the wrongly-rotated video Open the Convert/Save drop-down list and select the Convert.

rotate video vlc


Click Browse to select the destination folder Change the file name and click on the  Save button and hit the Start button to export the rotated video Check the rotated video if needed.

So, friends also hope this second method, how can you rotate the video through VLC Media Player.


Method 3. Rotate Video via Clideo.

Open Google Chrome on your device Visit the Clideo site Select the Rotate Video tool.

online video rotator

Click the blue Choose File button Pick the video you’d like to rotate.

And click Open Click the Clockwise Rotate icon twice Tap on the Rotate button in the lower right corner of the screen Hit Download to save.

the rotated video Click to open the rotated video Thanks for watching! For more information, please leave comments or contact us via

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