Top 3 ways to Add a favicon in a WordPress Blog

Top 3 ways to Add a favicon in a WordPress Blog
Top 3 ways to Add a favicon in a WordPress Blog

In this tutorial, I will tell you about how to add a Favicon in a WordPress Blog. Here are 3 Best ways to add a favicon in a WordPress Blog. If for some reason your blog is not showing a Favicon, you can use these methods.

After installing the blog on WordPress, one of the necessary settings we need to make in the blog is to add a favicon icon for our WordPress Blog which is the identity of our site and everyone wants to have a separate identity of our website or blog.

Mostly .jpeg .png function does not work on favicon icon. To add Favicon to the site you have to create short text Favicon. In the beginning favicon does not show them because of this. Here are some points for Add Favicon in your WordPress Blog.

  1. Favicon size should be 16×16, 512×512 150×150 or 12×12
  2. Favicon should be replaced with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and uploaded
  3. .ico format should be supported, sometimes .jpg and .png formats are not supported

To create a Favicon for the site you can use the website to create a Favicon, I have created my blog favicon on Photoshop and you can also create your Favicon online.

How to add Favicon in a WordPress blog?

The theme you are using on WordPress blog also has a way to add favicon, but some free WordPress themes do not have the option to set favicon, so you can set favicon logo in your blog in the following methods.

Method 1: Add Favicon from WordPress Directly

WordPress 5.4.2 provides a way to add a favicon that allows you to add favicon directly from the WordPress customization option.

Log-in to your WordPress blog Admin Panel and open the Blog Homepage. Now click on Customize in the top sidebar. If there is no sidebar then go to User Profile and tick in front of show tool bar when viewing site.

  1. Now click on the select image and upload the favicon
  2. Now Click Save / Publish to add a Favicon

Favicon change in wordpress blog

Method 2: Add Favicon from the plugin

In the second method you can add favicon using the WordPress plugin, so you go to the administration panel of your WordPress blog and click on Plugins >> Add New. Upload favicon plugin, you can add favicon to WordPress. Lots of blogs will be found, such as All in One Favicon, Custom Favicon, All in One Favicon has more than 200,000 people downloaded the blog, and Custom Favicon Has been downloaded by over 30,000 people and Real Favicon Generator has been used by over 90,000 people, you can use whatever you like, otherwise you can also create it in Photoshop Convert to favicon with the help of the site

Method 3: Add Favicon using FTP

You can add favicon by pasting the code in direct blog. For this you have to go to the edit option of the blog theme and paste the code of favicon in the header php.

Go to the WordPress admin panel and open the Appearance >> Editor, now open it by clicking on the header.php in the rightside bar, now copy and paste this code under (head) here.

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”” type=”image/x-icon”/>

Change the link to your site’s Favicon instead of “” in the link in this code, (favicon .jpg, .png .ico or any other format).

If you can’t set the Favicon in any of the above 3 ways, I suggest you use the All in One Favicon plugin.

I think you have found information about WordPress Favicon from this post and you can easily set Favicon in WordPress blog in the ways mentioned in it. If you still have any problem, please comment in the comment box below.

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