How to Schedule Affiliate Links In WordPress Using ThirtsyAffiliates

Schedule Affiliate Links in WordPress Using ThirtsyAffiliates

Hello Guys! Welcome to the tutorial So you want to schedule the affiliate links, right? If yes, then first understand why you need to schedule affiliate links. There can be several reasons to schedule affiliate links to a different page for a limited amount of time such as:

  • The limited-time deal offers page
  • New Product Page
  • Weekend Offers Page
  • Special festive offers page
  • Discount coupon page, etc.

So basically, affiliate link scheduling is the process of defining a time when your affiliate links need to become active, and also the time when the links need to expire. Learn More About Affiliate Marketing.

To schedule affiliate links, we are going to use the world’s best affiliate marketing plugin called Thirsty Affiliates Pro. By using this plugin, you can schedule when your affiliate links should start being active and when to stop. This means you can add 2 URLs. First to send users before scheduling, and second to send users after scheduling expiry date.

How to Schedule Affiliate Links In WordPress Using ThirtsyAffiliates


Step 1: Buy and download the ThirstyAffiliate Pro Add-on

How to Schedule Affiliate Links In WordPress Using ThirtsyAffiliates

The zip file I will provide a link to this page in the description. You can choose a plan according to your needs. This is a complete affiliate marketing management plugin in which you get tons of features such as Link scheduling, Link cloaking, auto-linking, Geotargeting, Google analytics integration, etc. After purchasing, you will need to download the ThirstyAffiliates Pro add-on zip file and upload it to WordPress.

Step 2: Install ThirstyAffiliates Pro Add-on on your WordPress.

On the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the plugin section, and then click on the Add New button. Now here you need to upload the ThirstyAffiliates Pro Add-on zip file. Upload it by click on the choose file button.

After uploading, install, and activate the plugin. I have already installed it. Let’s jump to the next step.

Step 3: Activate the ThirstyAffiliate plugin.

Under ThirstyAffiliate settings, click on the License tab. Here you need to enter the email address and license code you got during the purchase. After inserting credentials, click the activate license button.

Step 4: Setup Link Scheduling for your Affiliate Links

Before scheduling, you must have an affiliate link created by the thirsty affiliate plugin. For the demo, I am going to create a fresh affiliate link with the ThirstyAffiliate plugin, then schedule afterward for this navigate to the ThirstyAffiliate section, and then click on the New Affiliate LinK.

  • First, type the title of your product in the add title field.
  • This is just a label, used to search for this affiliate link later.
  • Next, insert the affiliate link in the description URL box.

I am going to insert this dress affiliate link. Then you can use this auto-linking and geolocation feature if you want. We have created separate videos for this topic. For now, let’s skip it.

  • Scroll down to the link scheduler section first and define the Start Date.
  • This is the date on which your above Affiliate link became Active.

Now in the next column, add your desired URL to send users to this link if they click on the affiliate link before it is active.

Next, define the expiration date. This is the date when your above affiliate links will stop working. Now for the expiration redirect URL, add your desired URL to send users to this URL if they click on the affiliate link after it gets expired.

Step 5: Next hit the save link button

To save all changes you made. Now, this is your cloaked affiliate URL. You can insert this affiliate link wherever you like. That’s it. You have successfully scheduled your affiliate link to this awesome ThirstyAffiliate plugin. If you want to see how to insert a ThirstyAffiliate generated affiliate link to the WordPress post.

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