What are the Limitations on the Blogger Platform / Blogspot Limited?

Limitations on the Blogger Platform
Limitations on the Blogger Platform

Blogger.com is Google’s free blogging server, you can easily create a free website blog on BlogSpot with just a Gmail ID, but the Blogger platform has some limitations. I will explain it in detail. If you are a Blogspot user, you must know about them.

The Blogspot platform is the best way to create a free website, but it has some limitations that cause bloggers a lot of problems after which they have to transfer their blog to WordPress.

We all know that every free service has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are going to start Blogspot Blog for free or you use Blogger then you should know about Blogger Limitations, then let us know what are the limits of Blogspot.

What are the Limitations on the Blogger Platform / Blogspot Limited?

One of the things I like best about the Blogger platform is that it offers 100% uptime and unlimited bandwidth, which means your site is always online.

5 BlogSpot Limited

# 1. Blogger Account Limited

  1. Total Blogs: 100 Blogs – Subdomain / Custom Domain
  2. About me: Long Info – 1200 characters (Blogger on an account profile)
  3. Passion Length: 2000 characters
  4. Maximum Followed Blogs: 300 blogs (on one account)
  5. Maximum Image Width: with 1600px (If you upload more site images, it will automatically change to 1600px.)
  6. Image File Size: 8MB post editor and template background image 300kb.
  7. Image Storage Capacity: 1GB (but you can use Pixa 15gb)
  8. Bandwidth / Hosting: Unlimited – and very fast hosting has no limit
  9. Uptime: 100% uptime
  10. Blog Storage Limit: 15GB

# 2. Blog limitation:

  1. Blog Title Length Limit: 90 characters
  2. Subdomain Length: 37 characters
  3. Blog Description Length: 500 characters
  4. Team Members: 100 people can become a blog
  5. Reader Member for Personal Blog: 100 people
  6. Post Number Limit: There is no restriction, (but if you post a lot in one day, you get a notice that you can resolve with the help of CAPTCHA)
  7. Maximum Labels: Blog on 500 unique labels
  8. One-Page Size: 1 MB
  9. Label Length: 200 characters
  10. Favicon Size: maximum 100kb

# 3. Post limitation:

  1. Post Length: No Restrictions
  2. Post on Labels: 20 Unique Labels
  3. Commet per Person: No Restrictions
  4. Commet Length: 4096 characters
  5. Post Structure URL Limits: 39 characters
  6. No. of Page Limit: no limit
  7. No. of Post Limit: No Limit
  8. Post Limit in One Day: 50 posts (you can share 50 posts in one day).

# 4. Customizable and Optimized Limits:

On WordPress you can use the code function plugin in the theme function – PHP and also add futures. Now PHP is the most used but Blogger does not support PHP.

If you can’t add designs or futures with PHP coding on Blogger, then you can just use the Blogger theme by going to the HTML code box.

Also, if you want to run a blog on your server, you can’t, so if you want to increase the speed of your site, then you are not a free home for it. Not in use

# 5. Account Suspension Limited:

If your site evaluates Blogger Terms and Services, your Blogger account may be suspended without notice. And if you make repeated police valuations, your Google Account will also be suspended.

Example: If you post to Casey’s website or blog and Google finds out about it, Google finds out about the copied or spam content and Google will delete your account.

This limit is very dangerous because by one mistake Google can not only delete the blog but also suspend your Google account if you make another mistake.

If you do this, not only your blog but also your YouTube channel will be deleted and all the hard work will be wasted.

Finally, once you learn about the limitations of Blogspot, you will know what is free and what are the limits. Now you can easily decide if you want to blog on this platform or not.



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