How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money 2020

What is a blog? How to create your own blog for free? – Today, the blog name is becoming very popular in the world of calling the Internet, it has become the first choice of writing enthusiasts to share their articles online on the internet. Because with its help any writer can earn a lot of money and name quickly. Every day, thousands of people are creating blogs, some people are making it for hobbies and some people are making it a popular income. But there are still some people who do not know about it at all.


How to create a blog for free and make money


So in this post we will know what a blog is and how to create a blog for free. Most of the time people make it because it’s free and easy, and they can make money by creating it, so friends, let them know what a blog is and make it free to blog. How can I make it?


What is a Blog?

Many people are using different words to present their blog in their own way, but in simple words it is a platform that allows us to post in any language and speak our heart out. Can share with people


We can write a blog on any topic if we pay special attention to any subject like Blogger, WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, Computer, Taps and Tracks, Politics, Sports, Health, Stories, Articles, Technology, Internet and Education. Are So with the help of any of our experiences we can make the information a blog and share the information to the logo.


By doing so, we can enrich our own knowledge as well as the knowledge of others. In addition, today the call blog is being created to make money. It has also become a great way for people to make money online. But every human being thinks differently.



That is why every human being is created for a different task. Some people make it for hobby and some people make it for business. It used to be known as a weblog, but now the whole world knows it by the name of blog and it is also very popular.



How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money?

For those who know little about it, and want to make it, the first problem is how to make your blog for free, how to make your blog for free? What do you need to make it? Where do you get the domain and hosting to make it? That’s what some new bloggers think.


But after reading this post, you will understand everything. By the way, there are many platforms for creating free blogs on the Internet. But the best of all these platforms is Google’s Blogger platform. Blogger is a Google server. Due to which it can be fully believed. This is a very simple and free platform. Anyone can easily create their own free blog.


You don’t have to pay for anything here, and you get a free Subdomain name, Hosting, Bandwidth and Disk Space. That’s why blogging on Blogger is the first choice of people. We also need some things to make it. So for that we need to have a per mail account. We can’t create a blog on Blogger’s platform without a Gmail ID or Google Account

We do not need another account for this. You can log in to the Blogger platform with your Gmail ID and password.


We can also create, use and control our blog on our Android mobile on the Blogger platform. But on Android mobile we can only use limited futures. We must have a good computer or laptop to use all the futures of the Blogger platform.


How to create a free blog on Blogger?

After completing all of the above, we will log in to our Gmail account at Blogger’s website

  1. Click here to login Blogger
  2. Now click on Create Your Blog
  3. Type in your ID and Password
  4. Choose a name for your blog
  5. Choose a URL for your blog
  6. Choose URL for you blog
  7. Select the theme
  8. Finally, click on ok.



Create a blog on blogger and make money



How to create a blog using blogpost




choose URL for you blog


And share your information post, and share your experience with people so that people’s information also increases. At the same time, it will become your way of earning money. If you help others, God will make your path easier.


I hope you enjoyed this post, so please share this post with your friends as much as you can and help others as well. Thanks so much for reading the post.






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