How to Apply Google AdSense Ads in a Blog Before 6 Months?

On Blogspot, we create a free blog. Cannot add a blog in Pakistan / India before 6 months. This option is disabled in the blog dashboard. When I started blogging, I also started by creating a free blog on Blogger. And when I found out about it, I figured out a solution and I realized that we don’t have to wait 6 months to create a blog, we can put Google AdSense ads in the blog even before 6 months, and we they can also make money.


Does a Blog have to be 6 Months old to Get AdSense ads to show?


I have been asked by many friends, ‘Can we add Google AdSense to a blog before 6 months or not?’ This question is often asked by my friends, so today in this post, I will tell you the solution to all the problems, how you can install Google AdSense in your Blogger before 6 months. You can also read “Some verified Google Adsense Tricks for getting Adsense approval instantly.


What Makes AdSense disabled in a Blog?


In Pakistan, we cannot apply for Google AdSense ads before 6 months, because there are so many fake AdSense accounts in Pakistan. Similarly, AdSense is disabled for some time in India, Bangladesh, China, and other countries. We use the original ID, so AdSense has 6 months to link the blog to Google AdSense Ads.


But they say that when one path is closed, Allah opens many more paths. So friends, you just have to have the courage and the courage to find one of these many other paths. So friends, today I will tell you the solution to this problem. In this post, you should read this post to the end. This means you no longer have to wait 6 months for Google AdSense Ads.


“After creating your blog, you can apply AdSense ads whenever you want and earn money”.


Read this post before creating a Google AdSense account because Google AdSense rules are too strict, so you must know a few things about Google AdSense in advance so you will not make any further mistakes.


How to apply Google AdSense Ads in a blog before 6 months?


We have 2 ways to do approved the Google AdSense Ads. Here I am telling you about both ways. Whatever you like, you can like it. In one case the risk of Google AdSense Ads being disabled is high and in the other way, there is a very low risk of Google AdSense Ads being disabled.


  1. Create Blog >> Register Domain >> Create Google AdSense Account


This means that first, you have to create a blog, then you have to register the domain and add to the blog, then you have to 15-20 posts in the blog which should be at least 800 words, and Create a Google AdSense Account when your blog has more than 300 page views, and then you apply for a Google AdSense Account, you can add Google AdSense ads to your blog and you can earn money.


  1. Create a blog first.
  2. Now you register a domain and add to the blog.
  3. After creating a blog, write the 15-20 posts. There should be a post of at least 800 words, and make the Blog a good theme / Template. Top 10 Websites for Blogs
  4. Increase blog traffic after sharing a post.
  5. Create a direct Google AdSense Account when your blog gets more than 300-page previews in a day.


I have already told you above that there is a high risk of disabling the Google AdSense Account, because being a new blogger, Google AdSense can disable the account by looking at your skills and the content of your blog.


So what do you guys do so that Google AdSense Account is easily approved? Don’t be afraid, I am telling you the best way that you can easily approve a Google AdSense Account in 1-2 months without creating a blog.


  1. You can approve Google AdSense from YouTube Channel in 1-2 months.


For this, you have to create a channel on YouTube and upload 10-15 videos on your YouTube Channel. Remember the video should be your own creation. When your videos have a total of 4000 watch times and 1000 subscribers, you will be very happy Google AdSense is easy to find. So you monetize your channel and then you make money. This will get you Google AdSense soon and you can easily make money at home. Once your Google AdSense has been approved, you’ll need to go to Google AdSense settings and add your blog’s URL to your Google AdSense account, and your AdSense account will be fully approved in 1-2 days.


  1. First, go to YouTube and login with your Gmail ID.
  2. Then upload 10-12 videos to YouTube Channel.
  3. To increase channel views, share your channel with your friends and Social Media and subscribe to it.
  4. Your AdSense will be uploaded when your watch time and subscription are completed.
  5. After linking to Google AdSense, when your AdSense account is approved, you need to complete the Hosted AdSense account.


Follow whichever method you like, and when your Google AdSense account is fully approved, you will want to add to your Google AdSense blog.


I hope you have found out from the post that now you can also show ads in the blog before 6 months and earn money. So friends, now share this post on your Facebook account and social media so that anyone who doesn’t know about it will know about it. Thanks for visiting.




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