Top 10 Best Websites for Download Free Software

There are many websites to download free software for Computers or laptops, but free software download websites can be dangerous, you can go to a bad website and click on the fake download button to get the Virus or Malware on your PC. Malware can download the file, so always download the file from the secure free software download website. Here I am telling you about the Top 10 best websites for Download Free Software.


Top 10 Best Websites for Download Free Software


We often get confused about how and where to safely download software for our PC. There are many software download websites on the Internet but many are not secure.



Today I will tell you about 10 websites from which you can download free software for your Windows Computer, Desktop, or Laptop.


Top 10 Best Websites to Download Free Software

No site on the Internet is secure, the websites mentioned here are clean and safe, yet you can download the careful software.


# 1. FileHippo


FileHippo is the best website to download free software, it has almost all available freeware open-source software, its interface is also very simple and clean, you can easily find software categories from the homepage. And you can easily find and download your favorite software.


When you choose to download any software on it, it also shows you the old and outdated version of that software, so that you can download the version of your choice. This website provides free software for Windows and Mac platforms. There are over 30,000 free software programs on this website that you can download with one click.


# 2. Softonic


Softonic launched in 1997 and is probably one of the oldest software download websites. It is also the most popular free software download site, with a clean and easy navigation theme that let’s you easily find the software you like.


From this site, you can use Windows, Android Phone, iOS, etc. You can download software for There is also a Sotonic Blog in which you can read articles related to software technology. This site not only provides software but also free Apps and Games. There is also a Softonic Q&A forum in which you can ask questions related to the software.


# 3. Softpedia


Softpedia is another popular website that allows you to download free software, with download links you can also see software Description, Review, which shows the advantages and disadvantages of this software.


Softpedia was launched in 2001 and today it hosts 90,000,0 files, it allows you to download Malware, Virus-free software, you can use it for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Web Browsers. Free software will be available. You will also find PC Games and Mobile Games.


# 4. Ninite


Very few people know about Ninte but it is one of the top sites to download free software, it includes all the software in the list, you can choose the programs and software you need. It can be downloaded with a custom installer.

This site is known for its security, so you do not need to take the tension for Malware, Junkware, viruses, you can download and install multiple software from the same installer.


# 5. CNet Download

CNet Download

CNet Download Site is one of the top free websites to download free software. It was launched under the name in but later in its domain I was changed.


CNet Download is one of the largest and largest Internet directories for free software downloads, with over 100000+ free software, apps, and games available on this site, you will find Windows, Mac, iOS, and more. You will find newly released free apps and software for Android.


# 6. FireHorse


Firehorse is the best website to download free software for the Windows platform, it also provides free software for Mac, but there is more software available for Windows computers.


All the categories of software are included on the website homepage itself, in which you can easily find the software you need, on this website you can also find information related to news, discounts, deals, via email. Will be found


# 7. FilePuma


FilePuma is also the best website to download free software, its design is very clean and you will not find it on any other website, you can easily find the latest, popular, top and new trending software. Yes, all the software is detailed and the futures are also explained.


You’ll also find the updated program, which allows you to update your system’s software to a much smaller program size and work better on the Windows platform, as well as new tutorials and news sections. Will be found


# 8. MajorGeeks


Majorgeeks is the best website to download free software and shareware, it includes various categories on the homepage, you can explore the software, and find the top red, the latest download files.


This website hosts a high-rated program, it will also have an update installer, which will scan your system and update you to find the latest version of the software if you have any questions related to the software. You can ask for the Major Geeks form, there are more than 260,000 members registered on the form.


# 9. BrotherSoft

BrotherSoft is one of the most visited sites on the internet, it is known for downloading popular and type software, from this website you can download free software, drivers, browsers, mobile applications, and video games. Are

If the original download link doesn’t work, this mirror also provides a download link, on which you will find software and apps for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac. But when you download software from it, you also have to install the downloader.


# 10. Sourceforge


Sourceforge is an open-source software platform with more than 3 project hosts, its design is a clean and attractive theme, it provides all software with detailed, review, editor rating.

On it, you will find free software of every type, many people also use SourceForge to develop and publish open-source software. If you are a developer, you can use it for software coding.


Where To Download Free Software?

From the website included in this list, you can download free software for your Windows computer (desktop, laptop) PC.


If you want to keep your PC secure, it is important that you have a good quality antivirus installed on your PC so that malware and viruses do not attack your system.


I hope this article will be useful for you and share this article with your friends.





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