How To Embed Facebook Posts In Your Website/Blog

What’s up guys and welcome to EasyMySite tips in today’s tech tips we’re learning how to Embed Facebook posts on your website or your blog now to embed Facebook Posts in your website or your blog, you need to be on the HTML editor of your blog.


Embed Facebook Posts In Your Website


How To Embed Facebook Posts In Your Website/Blog

So in WordPress for instance, all you need to do is go to a new Block, and then you want to select custom HTML and that will open for you the HTML Editor of your blog post. (see screenshot)

embed facebook post

Now go to Facebook and find the post that you want to embed, it could be a normal post, it could be an image or a video on Facebook that you want to embed.


So find that post for instance if it’s a post and then you want to click on this three dot menu in the top right side of the post, and look for Embed if you don’t see it click on see more options.


You should see embed tag 10 there so click on that and that will present you the HTML code that you simply need to copy and paste into your website.


Now you can click on show preview to see a Preview of how that post will appear in your website, and if you’re happy with that simply click here and copy that code and then go back to your editor whether it’s WordPress or blogger or just a website you coded from scratch paste that embed HTML Code and that’s it so as you can see it’s an iframe code so take note of that.


And if you’re lucky enough to have a preview button you can click on it and see a preview of how that post will appear in your blog or your website.

Now you get a few more options with Images and Videos so just go to a new blog and once again I’ll go to custom HTML and then I’m gonna go to Facebook and find an Image or a Video so just go to photos then I’ll click on that photo that I want to embed and open it and with the photo open in the Top right corner there you can see three dots.



So, you want to click on that and select embed so once again you get the “iframe Code to embed that photo in your website you also get to see a preview and you can also click on Advanced Settings to go to the developers page where you get a few more options.

So once again here you can see here’s the URL of the post and then you have the option to “Include Full Post” and by full post, it means the image and whatever you used as the caption for that image that you uploaded and the link or the description of the image.

So you can choose to either include or not include the extra stuff in that image so for instance, if you uncheck this you should see that those words disappear and all you’re left with is the image.

So if you went to, a bit like this and you’re happy or maybe you’re happy with it like that personally I like it like that click on Get Code and as you can see this is a “javascript“code which is a bit extra and you don’t need that you want to click on “iframe” to select the iframe code and then copy that code.


Go back to your blog editor and make sure you’re in the HTML editor and paste that iframe HTML code right there and once again you can have a look at the preview.

And there you go so that’s how to embed an image, the same goes for video and that’s really how to embed Facebook posts and videos and images into your blog or website.

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