How To Get More Views on Pinterest

get more views on pinterest

Pinterest is an interesting platform, but it gets harder to get views and clicks especially when you are completely new. You must learn about some strategies to get more views on Pinterest and the like.

How To Get More Views on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing Social Media Networks during the corona crisis, this network has managed to get more and more members but not every profile gets enough views in our tutorial and we will present you with some amazing hints.

How to Boost Your Views on Pinterest 

How you can easily get more views therefore we are going to present some key methods to get more traffic

#1: Create Vertical Pins:

Your pins are really important if you do not manage to create a high standard design you will not be able to reach enough customers vertical pins reach more customers because they are more likely to be clicked and viewed.

Likewise Pinterest does not show any other pins anymore or just a few times so you have to manage to create that kind of performing pins.

#2: Analyze Your Target Group

It is important to know that your potential customers Pinterest gives the opportunity to understand them much better.

If you take a closer look in the audience insights you will find interesting topics

#3: Use Animations or Videos

Static Pins are recognized much harder than animations or videos. The videos are really more appealing, the standard pin will never get such an attention to try to be more creative and use animated headlines they will stand out and resonate much more.

#4: Create Pins Regularly

Only if you manage to pin pins regularly will you reach your customers more frequent that’s a simple but really effective rule, the more you post, the more engagement you will get tend to be really organized and you will get more views

#5: Join Group Board

Join Group Boards can really boost your views on Pinterest because they create more engagement group boards that have small user icons in the lower area of their group picture.

#6: Use Large Fonts

Large fonts are key to success, your customers will only read the headlines of your pins, if they are tall enough don’t be afraid to use the font sizes larger than 100 they will make your pins more attractive, great headlines will work as a great trigger.

#7: Discover Trends

Pinterest recently just added a new function where you can search for new trends this tool helps you to find some new topics you can also check if your keywords are still working there is also the chance to compare certain keywords.

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