How to Add Special Characters in WordPress Post

Add special characters in wordpress post

Have you ever wondered how popular websites include trademark TM, copyright © , register ® or currency character cases in their articles? Recently one of our users asked me, is there any simple way to add Special Characters to WordPress posts or pages? We do not find these characters in the average keyboard, so it is difficult for beginners to use, so here I will tell you in detail How to Add Special Characters in WordPress post?

Add Special Characters to the WordPress Block Editor:

“WordPress Block Editor” does not have any Special Blocks or menu buttons for formatting paragraphs, so here are two ways you can use them to Add Special Characters to the WordPress Block Editor. So friends, here we look at both methods so that you can decide which method is easier for you.

  • Method 1: Use HTML entity code and add special characters to WordPress.

  • Method 2: Add special characters to WordPress using the plugin:

Method 1:

Add Special Characters to WordPress: (HTML Entity Code):

When you write a blog post, WordPress is automatically converted in to HTML format, the markup language used by almost the entire website.

Comes with a list of HTML entities, HTML entities are special codes, which you use to display characters, symbols, arrows, etc. within HTML.

This allows you to Add Special Characters to the HTML, which is not normally found in keyboard layouts, for example: if you want to add the following marks to your WordPress posts or pages. It can use HTML entity codes.

1. Trademark ™ – ™
2. Copyright © – ©
3. Registered ® – ®
4. Double quotation angle mark » – »
5. Section sign § – §
6. Exclamation mark ! – !
7. YEN sign ¥ – ¥

Here, you notice that each HTML entity code begins with an ampersand sign (&), and ends with a semicolon (؛). After adding the HTML entity code to the post editor, it becomes just a special character. When you publish or preview your post, you will see that it automatically displays special characters instead of HTML entity code.

Here is a whole series of characters invented in the form of HTML entities, add special characters, Latin characters, mathematical symbols, currency, scientific memento symbols, etc. For complete reference go here.

Method 2:

Add Special Characters to WordPress:

If you need to add Special Characters to your WordPress posts or pages on a regular basis, you can use a plugin instead of repeatedly looking at the HTML entity reference chart.

To Add Special Characters to WordPress through the plugin, you must first install and activate the “Insert Special Cricketers Plugin” on your WordPress site. And I hope you know how to install plugins, otherwise I will share a post with you soon about how plugins are installed and activated.

After activation, just edit the post or page where you want to Add Special Characters. Click on the “drop-down arrow” in the block tab inside the paragraph block and select the “Special Characters” option.

A pop-up displaying “Special Characters” will now open here. Just find the special characters you want to add, and then click to insert them into the editor.

All you have to do is click on the symbol or character you want to use, and it will be included in your post.

I hope this article has the informative “How to add Special Characters in WordPress Post“, if you have any questions you can ask us in the comments section. You can find the full WordPress course on our website.

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