How to Add View Image Button on Google Image Search Engine

How to Add VIew Image Button on Google Image Search Engine
How to Add VIew Image Button on Google Image Search Engine

Google recently removed the ‘View Image‘ button from Google Image Search results, a decision made to prevent copyrighted images from being downloaded, meaning that users can now view the image in full resolution size. You have to visit his website. So here’s a way for you to re-add the View Image button to the same location in Google Image Search results.

This feature is good for downloading a copyrighted image, but it can be a problem for people who want to View Google Images in full resolution without having to scroll through the webpage to search for a particular image. Have to do.

At the same time, the difficulty of using Google Image in the right way has increased, but it will not happen in our presence. And you can View Google Image as soon as possible.

How To Add View Image Button On Google Image Search?

A new and improved Google Chrome extension called “View Image” has arrived which will add the View Image button to the same location again. If you go to the Google Chrome Web Store and type “View Image” and search, you will find an extension called “View Image“. You can add it to Google Chrome and you will get the results. Follow the screenshot below.

How to Add VIew Image Button on Google Image Search Engine

After downloading and installing the View Image extension in Google Chrome browser, search for the image in Google Search Engine, and you will find the View Image button in the same place.

How to Add VIew Image Button on Google Image Search Engine

This extension can be installed in other browsers besides Google Chrome browser, such as Mozila Firefox, Opera etc. By the way, you can also go to the website and right click on the image to view the image in full size. Yes, but this method will make it easier for you, you will save time and you will not have to visit the site.

Some other ways: You can use it.

If you do not want to follow this method, and want to use the view image feature, you can also use the StartPage Web Search website, it is a Google powered search engine and you will also find the View Image button. Will In it you will find every image that is available on Google.

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Friends, you can also search on Microsoft Bing Search Engine and Yahoo to find your View Image button. You will also find the view image option for them.

So friends, I hope the problem with your View Image button has been solved, and with the help of this extension you can view the image as before.

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