How to Show Hide Files and Folders 2020

Step by step screenshot full information on how to Show Hide Files and Folders on your computer. Sometimes, you want to save some Personal Files on your computer or laptop, and at the same time you want those files to be seen by no one but you. You can use the Desktop Software Application for this, but here I will show you a very simple way by which you can hide or show your important files and folders in the computer, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and can be used in almost all Windows.


How to show hide files and folders in your computer


If you want to hide a file or folder on your computer, you can do so easily by following the Windows options and you will not need to use any software or application for this. You can hide files on the computer from a Family member or any user.


People with newer and less computer knowledge will not find the files easily; only you can see the files because you know where and in which folder the files are. So let’s read “How to hide files show in computer without software“.


How To Show Hide Files and Folders in Computer So That No One Can See.


I am telling you both methods, one is to hide the file and the other is to show the hidden files. When you need to view the files, you can show the file by stamping the other method.


  1. How to hide files and Folders in Computer?

First, open your computer and right-click on the folder or file to hide and click on Properties.


  1. Right-click on a File or Folder, select Properties and go to General Settings.
  2. Click on the active hidden option.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Now click on OK.



Your file is now hidden, no one can see this file or folder anymore. You need to enable the “Don’t Show Hidden Files, Folders or Drivers” option. After that your file will be completely hidden.


The steps below are similar to the steps you can follow. You can activate the option by following them.


  1. How to Show Hidden Files or Folder in computer?

After hiding files on a Windows computer, whenever you need to open it to view it, you can go to Control Panel and select “Show Hidden Files, Folder or Drivers” You have to enable the option, for this you have to follow these steps.




Go to the Control Panel and go to the File Explorer option, now go to the View option and click on “Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives”.


Step 1

Press the Windows + X button and click Control Panel in the navigation menu bar. You can also open the navigation menu by right-clicking on the Windows icon.


In the window that opens, click on the large icon in the top right side by clicking on the option in front of View By:

  1. Select the large icons in view without an option
  2. Now click on the File Explorer option.


Show Hide file and folder

Step 2

Now a pop up window will open in which you can show the hidden files by clicking on the view option.

  1. Click Views.
  2. Select Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives. (Note: If this option is already enabled, then the previous method was not able to hide your file, so now whenever you have to hide the file, click here. Click on the Don’t show hidden files, folders, and drivers option.
  3. Now click on Apply.
  4. Finally, click OK.


Show Hide file and folder


Now you can see that the files or folders you have hidden will be shown, this way you can hide any files.



If you want to lock any files or folders completely, you can use software like File Locker, Easy File Locker, and Protect File Locker etc. After that you will need a password to open the files, which only you will know.


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