How to Show your Image in Gravatar WordPress Comment

How to Show your Image in Gravatar WordPress Comment
How to Show your Image in Gravatar WordPress Comment

Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. Built for the WordPress platform. To show your photos on WordPress, you need to create a profile on Gravatar. After that, if you post and comment on the WordPress blog, your image will show up there. In this post you will find complete information step by step. You will have a Gravatar profile ready in the next 3 minutes.

Many bloggers who are not into blogging do not know “how to show their photo in WordPress comments. In this post I am giving you information.

By using PayPal, you can create an account on Gravatar and put your photo in place of the icon displayed in WordPress comments. This will make you stand out and easily recognize the blog you are commenting on.

What is a Gravatar?

Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. Simply this is the embodiment of your image on a WordPress. Which makes it easy for you to build a site-to-site relationship. The gravitational service was started by Tom Preston Warner in 2007.

You can create an account with an email id and upload your photo. Your image will then show up in all your WordPress comments (which you have done before and will continue to do).

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How To Create An Account On Gravatar?

In this step all you need is an E-mail ID. Creating an account on is very easy.

Step 1:

You first go to and click on Create Your Own Gravatar

  1. If you already have a WordPress account, you can login your WordPress ID on Gravatar.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Select your username.
  4. Choose a password.
  5. Click on Sign-up.

Step 2:

Your Gravatar will now send a message to your email id. You have to confirm your email by clicking on it.

Dear visitor, when you click on the hyperlink in the email, you have a gravitational account. Now you have to upload your photo on it. You can add more than one email address to Gravatar’s profile if you want.

How to Upload your Photo to Gravatar

Step 1: Login to the Gravatar and mouse over your image and click on the image.

  1. Upload New: You can upload photos directly from your PC
  2. Form URL: You can add a photo to your blog by adding a link to one of your images.
  3. Pet Upload: You can choose a profile photo from the first image you uploaded to Gravatar.
  4. From Webcam: If you do not have an image of yourself, you can click here to take a photo now and add it to the Gravatar profile.

How to Setup Your Gravatar Profile

On Gravatar you can easily set your profile like your name and details, web, email adidas you can do all this easily

  1. Click on my profile
  2. Now you enter the first and last name in the cell box.
  3. Enter your full name
  4. Select the name you want to write in the WordPress post and comment
  5. Set your location
  6. Write in a little detail about yourself what you want to write
  7. Finally, click on Save Profile

Similarly, you can add your site on Gravatar. Now when you click on a WordPress blog, your image will be there.

I think if you like this post and you also want to show your image in WordPress comment then make your Gravatar pro active now. and click here if you want even better WordPress information

By the way, how did you like my post? And if you want to know more about Gravatar, you can ask by commenting in the comment box below.


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