Increase Hard Drive Speed and Improve Performance in Windows 10

Hello Windows Universe, welcome back to my EasyMySite website and in this article, we will look at some things that you can do to increase your hard drive speed and improve performance.

Increase Hard Drive Speed and Improve Performance in Windows 10

Increase Hard Drive Speed and Improve Performance in Windows 10

For a more in-depth look at the topic, we will link an article in the description down below. Before we start, this video is meant for Hard Disk Drive(s) (HDDs), not Solid-State Drive(s) (SSDs).

Defragment and Optimize your Drives.

Microsoft Windows 1o automatically run the Defragment, but you can schedule it for whenever you want, and even run it when you like. Go to the Start Menu and type in the search box “defragmenter“.

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Now, click on the drive you want to optimize, and then click “Optimize”.

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Even though the built-in defragmenter is good, there are third-party defragmenters that can do a deeper scan. You can change the settings of the Optimization schedule. Click on the Change settings.

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Turn on Disk Write Caching.

To do this, open the File Explorer or open the This PC and Go to >>  the C drive. Then right-click and open Properties.

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Go to Hardware and select the drive. Then in General click on Change settings.

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Go to policies and make sure that enabled write caching on the device is checked. Click okay. Optimize your page files. This can help you with speed and when the ram is starting to get full.

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Increase Page File Size

We did a post on how to increase the Page File Size and Virtual Memory.


Optimize Background Services

It is important to optimize background services, apps, and storage space. To do this, open the Registry Editor (type in Run “regedit” hit the Enter). Navigate to hkey_local_machine system current control set priority control and look for a word named win32priority separation. Right-click and choose to modify.

By default, the value is set to 2. Since we are looking at optimizing background processes, set the value to 18. Now you must be restart you computer.

For added speed, and if you have a system with a Solid-State Drive (SSD) and a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), then put windows on the SSD and leave everything else on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

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