Internet Marketing – Where Are All The Traditional Retailers

Internet Marketing has been a highly successful resource for many online businesses. There are a lot of traditional, or bricks and mortar, businesses that have capitalized on internet marketing as well. However, statistics are now showing that while 24% of all offline purchases are done after an online search, only 12% of search listings relate to traditional businesses.




Internet Marketing – Where Are All The Traditional Retailers?


This can only mean one of two things. Either most brick and mortar businesses don’t have an online presence, or if they do, they are not very successful with their SEO and online marketing.


With the current state of the current economy, businesses of all sizes need to capitalize on whatever marketing options are available, including having an online presence and using online marketing. In fact, developing an online presence can be a lot cheaper than using traditional marketing tactics – and your presence is permanent, unlike a newspaper, radio, or TV campaign that is live today and forgotten tomorrow. The online presence gets better the longer it is actively promoted.



Whilst online retailers do dominate the search results, there are many industries that have a limited online presence and could be quite easy to break into. National chains are ideally placed to develop an online presence as the cost can be spread across many cost centers for what is essentially a single website. This does not exclude single entities who can also develop a strong online presence.


If your consumers are going to be online looking for the products you sell, it makes sense that you should be there waiting for them. As the economy picks up, more and more shoppers will turn to the internet to find what they are looking for. With the availability of additional tools such as local search, internet marketing is there and ready to be capitalized on – why aren’t you?


Marketing With Meta Tags

One of the least used yet most important meta tags is your description meta tag. This tag, along with the title meta tag, are used when your pges are listed in the search results.


The title meta tag is used as the title in the listing and should accurately represent the page’s contents. If possible, be sure to include keywords in the title.


Description meta tags are just that – descriptions of the contents of your page. They are also useful marketing tools. The description tag is the little snippet that appears after your title in the search results.


Since your pages are not the only pages listed in the results, you want it to stand out in some way. Since you cannot apply any special formatting, the only way to make it stand out is to use it as a short marketing blurb. Sell your page in 150 characters.


That’s not an easy ask, however, if you can achieve a really good description you will find your traffic increases, even though your placement in the results has remained the same. That’s the benefit of using your description meta tag as a marketing tool.


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