How To Make VLC Default Player In Windows 10

Hi there! Welcome to EasyMySite, in this post I will tell you about of How to Make VLC Default Media Player in Windows 10. The default program is a program that Windows uses to open a file. When you double-click on it, it’s basically the first trace program that windows pick to open your files.

Make VLC Default Player In Windows 10

How to Make VLC Default Media Player in Windows 10 to Open All Your Media Files.

First of all, have to make sure that VLC Media Player can open all the media files available on your PC.

Now to do this first of all go to the Start Screen and launch VLC Media Player.

How To Make VLC Default Player In Windows 10

If you don’t see it there, you can just type VLC Media Player or VLC in the text box or Windows button search box and then launch VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player default


Now once it’s launched go to “Tools” and then click on “Preferences” you can use shortcut keys “Ctrl+P”¬†and the Preferences window scroll downwards until you find a set up associations tab click on it and this will open another page.

how to get vlc to be default


Behind which you can just click on it to make sure it comes to the front now if any of these checkboxes is not checked to make sure you check them biscuit later doing here we are allowing VLC Media Player to open files you this extension all these types of files.

So if any of the check-boxes is in selected make sure you select it so that we will see media player can be able to open all these files to check all of them just click on this check box and then click on the Save button.

Now once that’s done you need to go to your Windows >> Settings to ensure that VLC Media Player is your default Media Player go to your Start menu and then click on Default Apps.

make vlc default media player


And then select set Default Apps now this should list for you all the programs in your PC and then you can select VLC Media Player and then click on set this Program as Default and once that’s done just click OK.

how to make vlc my default player

So not right now you’ve made VLC Media Player your default player so all the file types that can open using VLC that means videos mp3 files and any other file that can be opened using VLC media player will be opened by VLC Media Player.

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