Top 10 Best Websites to Download Blog Template

Having a good template is very important to increase the traffic of the blog. In this post I about of you Top 10 Best Websites to Download blog template. The more popular your blog is, the more visitors will want to visit your blog or site. Just like you dress nicely, if the theme of your blog should be good so that more people like it.


Top 10 best blogging sites in 2020


Today I am going to tell you about some of the best websites that provide templates for Blogger Blog. From where you can download the template or theme of your choice for free.


Top 10 Best Websites to Download a Blog Template

# 1. Gooyaabitemplates

The whole theme / template of this website is SEO ready, all you have to do is add a meta tag to it, Google search engine will soon start looking at your website or blog. In it you will find Slideshow, Drop Menus, Clean, Sample, SCO Ready, Social Bookmark Ready, White, AIDS Ready, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Three Columns Footer, I have used many such website templates. It is a great website for downloading great templates for blogs.


# 2. New Blogger Theme

On this website you will find new templates for 2020, the template looks great, and many templates have great social share buttons, you can also download SEO, mobile friendly template, This website also has free and premium templates.


# 3. Spicy Tricks

Great templates for magazines, cars, social sharing, iPhones, apps are shared on this site. You will find templates on this website according to the topic you are blogging on. When you are blogging about cars, you will find car friendly templates on this site, which will make your post look good.


# 4. BTemplates

If you want a simple template you can go to this website, the whole site is full of sample templates, on this site you will find all the templates for free and you can visit the website.


# 5. Sora Templates

This website is a very good site like Goyabi template for downloading blog templates, all its templates are mobile responsive and free. The templates are of different styles, if you want a stylish template, you can visit this website and download the template of your choice.


# 6. My blogger Themes

If you want 1, 2, 3, 4 columns in the sidebar of the right side of the template, you will find 4-column support template on this site, you can see 3 columns sidebar in my site template.


# 7. Theme Forest

On this site you will find free templates as well as premium templates. You know that no one gives a good template for free, so the better templates are the paid version, if you want to charge the template. You can buy better templates on this website cheaply.


# 8. Fresh Design Web

On this site you will find templates for Blogger as well as WordPress and website, the template looks exactly like the website. You also want to make your blog look like a website, but if you like Blogger coding, you should visit this site.


# 9. Design Scrazed

As the name of this site is the same as its name, you will find the best design template on this site, if you need a template with full design then you can go to this site and choose the template according to your need. Download it.


# 10. Code Buzz Web

The template on this site is fast loading, very fast response time means quick opening templates are shared on it, let me tell you that there should be good template as well as template fast loading, because any visitor is slow web. Don’t like to go to the site.


After downloading a template for a blog, don’t forget to include all its search engine meta tags, so that search engines can ask every single post of your blog to the right people, many bloggers change the template frequently, it is not so Once you’ve added a nice template to your blog, don’t change it over and over again.


I hope you enjoyed this post, friends, please share this post with your friends. Thank you. You can see more Blogspot tips here


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