Top 5 YouTube Channel Tips 2021

how to grow your channel

Hi, everyone! It’s time for this week’s top 5 YouTube Channel tips that are going to help you grow your channel and get more views starting now Hello there! Faheem Rasool here and welcome to our blog EasyMySite, I am with another article.

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Tip #1: Add Keywords using your Title as Hashtags (#) to the top of your Description box.

how to grow your channel

This is just an additional step which helps YouTube organize and share your videos with people.

Tip #2 add keywords you are using in your thumbnail to the Description as well:

This is an opportunity to use a title tailored to your video, as your actual title should be what people are searching for.

Tip #3: Make a Thumbnail!

Not only does it improve your videos performance with the algorithm, but it improves the human interaction.

Tip #4: Activate and select your end screen and card.

Once your video has finished processing, this gives you an opportunity to make your videos interactive and keep viewers on your channel.


Tip #5: Five is a very common mistake.

Do not select made for kids, just because you think your video or channel is okay for kids to watch. This is not what that is about to ask yourself is my video or channel is specifically made for children under the age of 13? more than likely you are speaking to a much older audience.

When you select made for kids, your channel is blocked from sending notifications to your subscribers for your newest videos, this automatically disables many important features for your channel and videos to be seen. Just remember to always keep it simple and look at what other successful channels in your niche are doing.

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