What is a Subdomain | Advantage and Disadvantage

What is a domain

Guys you will find answers to all the questions related to Subdomain in this article. What is a Subdomain, How to Create a Subdomain, what is the difference between a Domain and a Subdomain.

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  1. What is a Subdomain?
  2. How to create a Subdomain?
  3. Advantages of Subdomain
  4. Disadvantages of Subdomain

#1. What is a Subdomain?

A Subdomain is a segment of a domain that navigates a separate part of a website.

For example:

https://www.easymysite.com = Domain

https://www.news.easymysite.com = Sub Domain

Here I am pointing to the news, main domain, and news section of the website. News can become something else. Such as English, Urdu etc.

Guys let us know in detail What is a Subdomain?

For example, www.easymysite.com is a domain

.com = TLD (Top-Level-Domain)

Easymysite = SLD (Second Level Domain)

www. = Subdomain

.com is also called Top Level Domain (TLD) or Domain extension. Replace with: .pk, .net, .org and any extension.

Easymysite Here is the Second Level Domain (SLD) which is the unique name of each domain, an extension: (.com, .pk, .net, .org, etc) can have the same name as easymysite. Here is the unique name.

www. Here is the Subdomain, yes, you heard right www. is a Subdomain, but in normal case, you do not need to write. To create your Subdomain www. Instead, they can write whatever they want, such as

news.easymysite.com – EasyMySite for News section

blog.easymysite.com – EasyMySite website for blog section

shop.easymysite.com – EasyMySite website for Shop section

Here I will tell you that the main domain and Subdomain websites are very different from each other. The two directories are separate. The two files are very different.

If, for example; WordPress, you have to install a separate WordPress for easymysite, and a separate WordPress for news.easymysite.com.

The subdomain is meant to differentiate different types of website content. Most of the time you have visited a multilingual site and if you pay attention then as you change the language you go to another website. So as I told you, Subdomain is used to differentiate different types of website content.

I hope you guys understand what a Subdomain is. Now let’s learn How to Create a Subdomain.

#2. How to create a Subdomain.

There are different ways to create a Subdomain. According to separate domains and hosting providers is also a universal way to create a Subdomain.

To create a Subdomain, go to Hosting cPanel. There you will find the Domain Section. The subdomain will be written there.

You must select a Subdomain to create a Subdomain

Now here you have to see the Subdomain name for example news, blog, shop etc. whatever you want. Next, you have to select the domain. The Subdomain you want to create. Document and Subdomain according to documents will become the Root Directory automatically. You can also change it if you wish. And finally, you have to click on the create button.

Here you will become a Subdomain. You can see it again by going to the Subdomain Section, now you can use this domain wherever you want. If you want to install WordPress, you will find WordPress in the application in the cPanel. You must select a Subdomain when installing.

Guys, we all know what is a Subdomain and How to Make a Subdomain. Now let’s know some special things about Subdomain.

#3. Subdomain Advantages:

There are many advantages to Subdomain. Let’s talk about some of the advantages.

Domain Ranking:

The biggest advantage of Subdomains is that the ranking of your Primary Domain will be the ranking of your Subdomain. Like Google.com is the world’s No. 1 website, and that’s why Google has so many products that Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, etc. are all at No. 1 in the sub rankings and that’s why Google uses Subdomains for all of its products.

So if your Primary Domain ranks high, you will also benefit from Subdomains.

Banding Benefits:

If your primary website is already popular, then the Subdomain website will also become popular automatically. No need to overdo it, this is my website. People will understand the domain or brand’s website only by looking at the domain.

Stay Organized:

If your Primary Domain is already running with a single Niche or topic and you want to start something new, you can start in a new way with the help of Subdomain. Like News, Shop, you can start work by creating a News or Shop Subdomain. You can also open forums and create support pages. Otherwise, the whole website will be completely separate from your main domain.

#4. Disadvantages of Subdomain:

Any Subdomain advantage can be a disadvantage. If your website ranks poorly and you start something new, its rating will also be bad. If you do not trust your website, you will not trust your Subdomain either.

Whenever you create a Subdomain, make sure that you do not use any company name in the Subdomain. Otherwise you may be in trouble. As you might think, let’s create a separate Subdomain for articles on WordPress. WordPress.easymysite.com So you may be in trouble in such a situation.

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