What Is Backlink And Importance Of Backlinks

Hello friends! Today I am here to cover the most important topic of the Off-page SEO techniques. It plays a very important role in terms of SEO. I will discuss here the two most important topics related to backlinks. One is “What Is Backlinks” and the other one is “The Importance of Backlinks“. This is the most search term over the internet.


what is backlink importance of backlinks


Many users of my blog sent me feedback and questioning to cover a backlinks topic. So I just decided to cover this topic in very deep. So that you can understand everything clearly. But please learn everything clearly. I really want you to become a pro blogger. After guiding about backlinks you can ask me your question below using the comment form. Now look out below carefully.


What Is Backlinks?

Backlinks are a term that is related to SEO. This term can increase your blog SEO/SERP(Search Engine Result Page), increase your blog traffic, increase authority to your blog. The higher the amount the backlink you have, the higher your blog will get traffic and authority. This is the most important thing in terms of off-page SEO technique.



Now what basically backlink is:– Backlinks means that the number of websites or blogs linking to your blog is known as backlinks. Now suppose you have friends, which was also a blogger and they visited your blog and liked any of your post (unique post). Now, he/she decided to write your unique post in their blog, So that they can also share some unique things in their blog to attract visitors. Now, if they copy your uniqueness of your blog post so they can give you a link-back to your site/blog. So the link-back was converted to backlinks. So it means pointing or linking many sites to your blog is known as backlinks.



Now their are also two types of backlinks structure are their.

  • Do-Follow
  • No-Follow


Dofollow Backlinks

Dofollow means the that you are originally getting real backlinks. These types of backlinks are very important because it was indexed by Google robots. So that Google robots give vote-up to your blog and increase your blog visibility ratio. Dofollow creates a link juice to your blog and surly give your blog an importance + Authority + Traffic.


Now look out below to see what do-follow back-links look like.


<a href=”http://www.example3.org/” rel=”dofollow“>Example 3</a>


See the red highlighted text (dofollow) above. If you are getting this type of back-links pointing to your site than your blog surly get importance from Google Robots.


Nofollow Backlinks

Now what no-follow means. The word no-follow own defines its meaning. No-follow means not to follow. This type of backlinks are only for getting traffic. This types of backlinks was not indexed by Google Robots. But these types of backlinks can increase your blog post, because the more traffic you get on your blog post the more your blog post will get the authority.


Now look out below to see what no-follow backlinks look like.


<a href=”http://www.example3.org/” rel=”nofollow“>Example 3</a>


See the red highlighted text (nofollow) above. If you are getting this type of back-links pointing to your site then your blog was not vote-up in the eye of Google Robots. But remember, no-follow backlinks are also important.


How To Know Whether Link Is Dofollow Or Nofollow?

Now if you don’t know which type of links were there or which type of backlinks you are getting. Then it is very and important to know about it. Now let i will explain you briefly. Look out below steps:


  • Right click on any link and then select “Inspect element“. (Google Chrome Users).

inspect element


  • Now you will get an inspect element box like the below image.



See the above image, i circled the nofollow tag. It means the links as nofollow. Now suppose at the sample place you will see the tag of dofollow or nothing, then it means the links were dofollow.


Importance Of Backlinks

Now, most of the things about importance I already discussed above. I also discussed the main topic What Is backlinks. Understand one thing: if you get high authority backlinks then your blog/site will get indexed fast by Google and other search engines.

Get high authority dofollow backlinks and get traffic + Authority to your blog + Increase your Page Rank + Alexa Rank = High amount of money. Now, why I am telling you about high authority backlinkss.


1 High Pr/High Authority backlinks = 90 low sites/blog backlinks. That’s it!.

Final Words

Hope you understand everything clearly. I also hope so that you know about what is backlink and its importance. Now if you get any problem regarding this, then comment below.


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