What is Plugins in WordPress? Complete Detail 2021

What is plugins in wordpress

What is Plugins in WordPress?

A plugin is an element of a software program that can be added for a specific feature and functionality. Plugins have added new functionality and features to our website. It is a piece of software that is plugged into other software for a particular functionality. That is why it is called plugins.

Different plugins are also used on WordPress to perform various functionality. WordPress Plugin is written in PHP programming language. With the help of plugins, desired features can be added to the WordPress website without using any kind of code. You can read in detail in this post how to install plugins on WordPress. How to Install Plugins on WordPress

As a site administrator on WordPress, you can install and uninstall any plugin. You will find many free plugins in the market that you can install and use. In addition to the free Official WordPress plugins, there are also premium plugins that you can add to the website.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting plugins for your site. You need to see if your selected plugin is compatible with the new version of WordPress. What is the rating of that plugin, how many days ago it was updated?

There is a common misconception among people outside of Plugins that they slow down the site. Not at all, only bad plugins installed on the website slow down your site or plugins slow down your site unless necessary. If you install a good plugin on your site, it will never slow down your site.

On WordPress, you can add new features by installing Legion, which means that if you want to sell a product on your website, you have to install the Woo-Commerce Plugin for it, which will make your site an online shopping site. Will start to work like There are many other plugins that you can add to your WordPress site to perform different functions on the platform without any coding information.

WordPress Plugin Option:

When you log in to the WordPress admin panel, you will see the Plugins option in the option on the right side where you get the Add New option (meaning the feature to add a new plugin) as well as the Installed Plugins option. This allows you to view pre-installed plugins, as well as inactive / uninstall them.

What is plugins

Note: But if you want to make your site better for the user, you should not use too many plugins as it increases the loading time of the website. So friends, you often install plugins that you don’t need to install more.

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