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SSL Certificate is very important when it comes to creating a website or securing a website, so let’s find out what an SSL certificate is. What does SSL mean? What is this SSL protocol?

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  1. What is SSL Certificate?
  2. Why is SSL important?
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  4. How to activate SSL?
  5. What is an SSL certificate?
  6. What is UCCSSL Certificate?

The first step in securing any website is SSL. So it is very important for any website developer to know what is SSL?

#1. What is SSL Certificate?

SSL has a full form, Secure Sockets Layer, and is a very important term for any website, we all do all the work on the Internet these days, such as Internet banking, online shopping, On social networking and almost everywhere we provide our personal information like name, address, phone number, credit card debit card, net banking details etc. All this information is quite systematic.

Now think about what would happen if hackers found out about your credit card or net banking information. He will take away all your money. SSL has now been developed to prevent such data from being stolen.

You may have seen two types of website URLs.

  1. http:// (unsecure)
  2. https:// (Secure)

The first of these two URLs is http://, an unsecured URL or an unsecured website, which means that this website is not using an SSL certificate. And from here your data like credit card, net banking or any other sensitive data can be stolen.

The second URL, https://, is a secure URL or website, which means that this website is using SSL certificates for user data protection. And here your data is completely safe.

The example above makes it clear that a website starting with http: -// is not secure and you should not enter your information on the website.

But if a website starts with https://, it means that the website is secure. You will also see the Padlock icon. So on such a website you can share your personal information and sensitive data such as credit card, debit card information.

#2. Why is SSL Important?

Any kind of data theft takes place between a website or a server. The data for each website is between a web host server. Whenever you enter or click anything, the website and browser communicate with the server and store that data there or access the data from there. Hackers target the same communication.

SSL encrypts the communication between the server and the website, making data theft impossible. But if a website is not using SSL, then your exact data is transferred and there is a fear of data being hacked.

#3. SSL for Website Hounor

SSL helps to secure your website as well as rank it in Google search engine because now Google now ranks the website which is SSL certified. If your website is SS Secure then users visit your website without any hesitation. While most modern browsers do not allow visits to un-secure websites, if you are a website owner, install SSL on your website as soon as possible.

#4. How to activate SSL?

SSL You do not need to purchase an SSL plan to activate your website. Or some hosting companies like BlueHost, SiteGround, NameCheap, WPEngine, give you SSL with free hosting plan, in this condition your domain is SSL certified by default. You can also get SSL for free from a website like CDN or Cloudflare.

#5. What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is provided for your website whenever you purchase SSL for your website. So you have to go to your hosting panel and install it. Your website is SSL certified only after installation.

For example, you purchased SSL from GoDaddy and you are hosting your website on Hostgator. Have to do. So it is good that even if you change the hosting provider, your SSL will always be active.

I would suggest you to always host the website from the same hosting provider where you can get SSL for free. You will also get free SSL from Siteground, BlueHost, WPEngine, GoDaddy, HostGator, NameCheap. If you buy hosting for premium or longer days.

#6. What is UCSSL Certificate?

The full form of UCC is Unified Communication Certificate. If you are running multiple websites with the same hosting plan, then As an Addon Domain and you want to add SSL Certified to all addon domains. You don’t have to buy.

UCCSSL is provided with the primary domain as you cannot change it, but you can change the addon domain as many times as you like.

A primary domain is a domain that is activated or set up with a hosting plan. We get options to add hosting plan according to addon domain. So if you want to secure SSL to all primary and addon domain then you don’t need to buy UCCSSL certificate.

So friends, this is the SSL certificate, I hope the SSL certificate will be helpful for you. If you have any exceptions, you can ask in the comment box below. If you like our post, be sure to leave a comment in the comment box below and share this post with your friends on social media.

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